Fungus on feet

fungus on feet_32039581_sFungus on feet one of the most embarrassing conditions a person can have. Foot fungus commonly called Athlete’s Foot is made especially frustrating because almost anyone can get it. This means that it is incredibly easy to get and especially hard to get rid of once you have it.

How the fungus starts

Part of the problem with fungus on feet is how easily one can pick up the fungus and how quickly it can spread levitra generika preis. While many people associated toenail fungus with athlete’s foot, anyone can get it whether they are an athlete or not. The connection to athletes comes from the fact that many sufferers of foot fungus acquire it from areas particular to athletes. Locker rooms, swimming pools, saunas and hot tubs are all breeding areas for the fungus that causes toenail and foot fungus. However these areas are not the only way to get the fungus. People who wear shoes and socks regularly can also get fungus on their feet. This is because the fungus grows more in areas that are damp and not well ventilated. Even sharing a shower with someone who has a foot fungus can increase the risk of having one yourself.

Once the fungus has attached itself to someone’s foot, it usually spreads rather quickly. The fungus gets under the skin and causes toenail fungus. This is incredibly difficult to treat. So, what kills fungus on feet?

Treatment Options for Fungus on Feet

Many sufferers of foot fungus decide to try various methods of treatment that they find on the internet or hear from a family member. These often consist of two types of treatments: home remedies and over the counter treatments.

A fungus on feet home remedy will usually involve some sort of oil or household item and take many months of treatment. Even if someone has the patience to wait and see if these treatments actually work, the risks are considerable. These often include options like soaking the entire foot in bleach or mouthwash or some other item not intended for that purpose. Besides the possible side effects of sticking your feet in chemicals, the end result may be a fungus that does not get better or gets worse.

Over the counter treatments while somewhat safer, do not typically work any better than many home remedies. This is because they are usually only treating the surface layer of skin and do not get to where the actual fungus lives, under the skin and nail bed. Even prescription medications from a medical doctor can have risks.  One of the more popular prescriptions is known for causing liver damage and requires constant monitoring while using it.

One of the best treatment options is laser treatment. This new revolutionary technique has been shown to be extremely effective and with none of the side effects and risk connected to other treatments. Laser treatment for fungus on feet is quick, inexpensive and has longer lasting results.


fungus on feet