Fungal Nail Treatment

The Basics

Nail fungus can be embarrassing, unattractive and even painful. Because of the negative impressions and ideas attached to nail fungus, many people do not seek treatment for it. However, many people probably are not aware of how common nail fungus is in the world. In fact, one out of every ten people suffers from this condition at least once in their lives.

The germs that cause toenail fungus are somewhat unavoidable. A common misconception about nail fungus is that only people who are unclean or athletes can get it. But this could not be further from the truth. Because the germs that cause toenail fungus are so commonplace almost anyone can end up with an infection. Because the fungus associated with toenail fungal infections needs warm moist environments to grow, certain environments are more at risk. So for example, athletes or people who use communal showers and hot tubs are more likely to be exposed to the fungus. This is also true for people who frequent swimming pools or other areas with water.

But even people who avoid these types of locations can still get a toenail fungus. Since it is normal to sweat while wearing shoes and or socks, everyday someone is at risk. This is because the moist environment is still there and can lead to a toenail fungal infection. Furthermore, risk factors such as diabetes, any kind of trauma to the nail, vascular disease and athlete’s foot all add to the chance of getting a fungal infection.

Treatment Options

While there are numerous treatment options available, there are also risks associated with most of the choices. While it is tempting to try to find home remedies or over the counter treatment ideas. The problem is that most of these just sit on the top of the skin or nail. So the infection, which lives below the nail bed, is not being treated appropriately.

A lot of the treatments not only waste money and time, but can be dangerous. Some of the side effects can either make the infection worse or cause new problems on top of the fungal infection. Things like soaking your feet in household cleaners or mouthwash can be harmful to the skin and are not guaranteed to work even after the suggested months of usage. Over the counter treatments like creams and nail polishes also sit on the skin and take months to work, if they work at all. Prescription medications are available but they come with associated risks as well. This includes liver damage and other serious possible side effects.

A Safer Option

Laser technology has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to treat toenail fungal infections. It is surprisingly inexpensive, quick and has longer lasting results than many of the other treatments available. The heat of the laser technology can get under the nail bed and get to the root of the problem without harming the skin or surrounding tissue in the foot.

Is toenail fungus something you want to deal with alone or do you want to get effective, safe professional help?

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