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Fungal Nail Treatment The Basics Nail fungus can be embarrassing, unattractive and even painful. Because of the negative impressions and ideas attached to nail fungus, many people do not seek treatment for it. However, many people probably are not aware

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Symptoms and Causes of Fungal Nail Infection Fungal nail infection can afflict your fingernails and/or toenails. The nails get disfigured, thick, discolored and may also split as a result of this infection. When you first get the fungal infection, you

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Is that a Fungal Nail Infection You Have? Are your toenails discolored? Do they have a green, yellow, black or white color? If your answer is yes, you could be having a fungal infection of the nail. Don’t worry. There

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Is Laser an Effective Nail Fungus Treatment? There are so many OTC as well as prescription creams and ointments that are available for nail fungus. However, most of these medications are completely ineffective, as they don’t have the ability to

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Finger Fungus Nail fungus can be as common as a cold. One in every ten people suffers from this condition at least once in their lives. The most common culprits are environments that are breeding grounds for the fungus and